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United states, 27th Jan 2017 - Tri-Care Distribution, a leading provider of point of care testing services, guarantees economical but reliable PT/INR and Alcohol test, drug screening, samples, and tri-care consulting for long-term care, assisted living facilities, hospitals, home health, and Coumadin (anti-coagulation) clinics at North Carolina and adjacent areas.

The PT-INR system is a quick and unquestionable money-saving option for healthcare related businesses.

PT stands for Prothrombin time together with its derivative measures of Prothrombin as well as international normalized ratios refer to examination of extrinsic pathways of blood coagulation. This test is also labeled as protime INR.

Tri-Care Distribution's PTINR is known for convenient use. The Coag-Sense package professional Prothrombin Time International Normalized Ratio promotional kit consists of one meter; one automatic single-use lancets (bag of 12); four AA Alkaline batteries; one user-manual; one quick reference guide; and, five boxes of test strip kit-50 (250 trips). There are four controls and 54 transfer tubes.

It has distinct features such as direct detection of blood clots with controls extended from offices to residences. Thus, patients can benefit from frequent blood tests.

This point of care device from Tri-Care Distribution is ideal for clinic environments to obtain international normalized ratio results. However, it can also be used by patients for Prothrombin time home-testing. Tri-Care Distribution explains the PT testing as the measure of how fast blood clots. PT result is the time measured in seconds required for blood clotting.

Protime is used with the Partial Thromboplastin Time or PTT to diagnose causes of unexpected clots and mysterious bleeding. Calculation of the international normalized ratio or INR depends on PT results. This is utilized to monitor patients treated with blood thinning medication canned Warfarin.

Proteins known as factors of coagulation are mixed up in this process of PTINR that the human body adopts to form blood clots and stop bleeding. Warfarin therapy maintains balance between the prevention of clots and cause of too much bleeding. It calls for detailed monitoring. INR helps regulate the drug dosage so the Prothrombin time will be within the preferred range appropriate for patients and their medical conditions.

Tri-Care Distribution's PT-INR is prescribed once the patient begins to take Warfarin. It ensures that medical prescriptions are correct and the PTINR is extended properly. There is no fixed incidence for this kind of test. Doctors order them to ascertain the drug produces the right effect. In other words, it should increase clotting time to a certain therapeutic level minus any risks of extreme bleeding.

The price of Prothrombin Time International Normalized Ratio device from Tri-Care Distribution is competitive and orders are delivered promptly.

About Tri-Care Distribution Tri-Care Distribution has been conducting Point of Care testing procedures for more than 15 years. It serves the long-term care community, hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare service providers. Tri-Care Distribution's solutions help companies save money every year through in-house testing. Other laboratories conduct these laboratory tests three times more than its pricing. The company is located at Raleigh NC. Interested clients can check out its website at for inquiries.

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